Do We Always Need A Weapon To Feel Safe?

By Chuck Murray

What defines safe? Where is the line drawn at the word, “safe”? Does it lie behind a bat, a rifle, or a weapon of any kind? Why do we always resort to a weapon for protection? That’s what we, as humans, have always done to survive. Since humans don’t have an exoskeleton, venom, sharp spines, or other natural protective advantages, we’ve resorted to many different objects for protection to make us safer.×440.png

We’ve been using weapons since our ancestors were able to pick up a stick off the ground. Whether you throw, stab, shoot, or hit with something other than your body for either defensive or offensive purposes, it is classified as a weapon. What we, as individuals, do with the weapons is completely on us.

In the book, “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time” by Mark Haddon, the main character, Christopher, always kept a pocket knife with him to keep him comfortable in a stressful situation. In other words, he was ready to use the knife if he felt threatened. But do we always need a weapon to feel safe? If you think about it, those who aren’t trained in hand-to-hand combat are more prone to use a weapon during a needed time. A weapon makes people feel safer, no doubt. And I know there are some people out there that completely disagree with the use of any weapon, especially in a social environment, but I’m sure that if those people were in a stick-up, robbery, or burglary, they’re going to want something to defend themselves, or their peers, children, coworkers, etc. You can’t fight someone that has a weapon if you don’t have one, unless of course you’re trained to do so.

What weapons we choose to use is another topic. While many people are leaning away from the use of firearms, they can be the most useful. A stun gun seems to be one of the most useful self-defense weapons, and there never isn’t a moment where a news story pops up about someone protecting their family from home intruders with a firearm. A firearm is destined to make you feel safer.

Knife-type weapons are also very useful in criminal-type encounters (mainly close-quarters). They’re very concealable and easy to pull out in a needed situation. Knifes are more commonly used in criminal acts, such as robberies, than firearms, according to, so if you have a knife, know that you won’t be challenging the deadly force rules/laws. There are also many classes/courses that teach anyone how to defend themselves from knives without other weapons, which can increase our feeling of safety without a weapon.

There are many stories including self defense and whether the defender’s actions were proper, or the weapon they used was “a proper use of force towards the intruder”. We can all agree that being in a situation where someone is inside your home, and you have no clue what the intentions of the intruder are, is scary. If you have no weapon in that situation, you have a great disadvantage towards the intruder, who always brings their own weapon for “defense”. You immediately feel unsafe and almost like prey. But once you have a weapon to hold, you feel much safer, no matter the weapon type.

As we can conclude from the picture above, the higher the handgun supply, the lower the crime rates, but people are trying to get rid of guns? Think about it, if you were a burglar, would the thought of the owner of the building you were burgling from had a handgun stop you from going in? It should…

While weapons are good for defense, they can be used for bad. Like I stated before, what we do with the weapons, as individuals, is completely on us. In the picture above, you can see that as the years keep ticking by, there are people committing bad acts, such as suicide, more often. While it is sad to think about, these people were mentally broken, and stressed. They wouldn’t have done this if their minds weren’t jumbled with too many bad things. It’s up to us to keep those people feeling safe in the world without a weapon that they could harm themselves with.

These thing are supposed to make us feel safe, weapons aren’t just for assault, and we need to stop thinking of them like that. They make us feel and keep us safe. No matter the weapon type. I’m not telling you to own a weapon, that’s all your decision, but I am informing you with knowledge we should all know. We do feel safer if we have a weapon, if in the right circumstance, but we never know when those circumstances will come.


2 thoughts on “Do We Always Need A Weapon To Feel Safe?

  1. I agree with this piece a lot. It was very well writen and I liked how you included the idea of a stun gun. I think people would feel just as safe with a stun gun and I think weening some people off of using traditional guns for self defense would be a great thing. -Luke Leithauser


  2. I totally agree with this. I think that the reason people don’t want as many weapon rights is because they are scared… because they don’t feel safe… I find it interesting that they don’t think that the ability to defend and others makes will help them fell safer.


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